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A letter from a true American to Citibank Vice President Mr. Ken Stork.

We the People Have Not Forgotten!

Citibank Corporate Office Headquarters

399 Park Ave.

New York, NY 10022

Attention: Mr. Ken Stork, Vice President

Reference: Your recent credit card offer.

Dear Mr. Stork,

Today I received in the mail an introduction and offer to your new Citibank Preferred Credit Card. You are promoting your Credit Card with a 50,000 bonus Thank You Points. You have provided your Annual Percentage Rates for purchases, and Balance Transfers which are 12.99%, 15.99% or 18.99% based on my creditworthiness. Your APR for cash advances is 25.24%! You also have a Penalty APR of 29.99% if someone makes one late payment.

Probably the reason why you are sending me this in the mail is because I have a credit score of well over 800 with the three credit score reporting companies and am a low risk customer.

I would like to make a statement to you and all other banking institutions in the United States of America:

For years you have run your banks without fiscal responsibility using the American people to supply your corporate officers with their million dollar salaries and their million dollar bonus checks. You ran your banks with less respect than a Mafia Mob organization loaning money to its prey. When you got into trouble you asked us (We the People) to bail you out, and when we did you used our money to continue paying your executives their million dollar salaries and gave them their million dollar bonuses while (We the People) continue to suffer with the economy. (We the People) lost our jobs and when we could not pay our mortgages on our homes you decided to take our homes from us using the foreclosure laws, and put families out in the streets of America without any regard to your faithful customers.

Now you come to (We the People) and ask us to take your credit card offer, with a SLAP-IN-THE-FACE interest APR of as much as 18.99%, while your banks are giving its customers less than 1% on their savings accounts. You must think we are fools! You also want to charge for each transaction on Debit Cards, for people to use their own money that you are using to invest for your own profit.

I think I speak for the largest percentage of Americans when I say the *** with your credit cards, and the *** with your Banks. Find some other suckers to do business with, for this person will pay cash for what he buys, and if I don't have the money then I will just do without. I will not let you FAT-CATS continue your Mafia style lending operation that you have used to bankrupt this nation.


A True American

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All Americans should do the same thing and tell them we have not forgotten what they did.


All Americans should feel the same way.

Good Job

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