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DO NOT BANK or HOLD A CREDIT CARD FROM CITI BANK. This is my story as to why.

I have been a card holder since 1990 without issue. I received a letter on Friday, July 17, 2017 explaining they have decided to end my account with no further explanation. I called the customer service department and was told they did NOT have to give me an explanation and I could write a letter to the president. They would not give me his name nor would they give me his address.

I went on line and found both. I contacted the phone number of 212-559-1000 and asked for the president and/or his assistant and was told that their telephone numbers are private. That's right private. She then transferred me to the executive branch customer service.

Amy a customer service rep/account analyst got on the phone. I explained to her the above and she told me that she could not give me any reason and to look at the terms and conditions of my card. It explains that they could discontinue my account at any time without reason and it is their right within the law. I pushed back and she just kept repeating the same thing.

I asked if I would get an actual answer if I wrote to the president and she said she would get my letter and it would say the same thing that is their right within the terms and conditions. I asked what department handles discontinuing credit card and she said they had several. I asked which one discontinued my card and she said it is within their right as it is within their terms and conditions and I should read them.

I have never had to deal with anything like this and for the life of me cannot understand why they can not offer an explanation. Be careful of who you bank with and hold credit cards with because in the end it might just effect your credit.

Review about: Citibank Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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