My credit card statement balance of $236.24 was due on 9/24/13. I lost track of days and paid the statement balance plus ALL unbilled charges in full on 9/25/13. Citibank charged $13.99 in interest (5.9% interest per month/ 71% per year) plus a $39 late charge.

They lied and said the interest rate wasn't that high, but obviously they have never taken math in elementary school.

I'm done with these CRIMINALS. I paid in full and will no longer do business with them. No reason to press charges, government never does its job to protect consumers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Citibank Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $53.

  • Credit card illegal high interest
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interest are being billed in a daily compounding basis. One day of being late or not paying the full statement in full before your due date ofcourse u wud accure interest.

The $13.99 interest is coming from the date of your last statement bal until ur account was paid infull. people nowadays doesnt read cards agreement.


The same thing happened to me with Citibank in Australia, and the reason that my credit card payment was late was because the Citibank online transfer between Citibank accounts that I made to cover the cheque payment for the credit card did not go through due to their online fault, but I had to pay not only the late charges on the credit card, but they also charged me $20.00 fine for the bounced cheque that only bounced because their transfer did not go through even though I did everything right. They would have seen that I had the money. They made me pay for all of their mistakes.

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