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Citibank is the worst bank ever. I started my bank account 3 months ago and they still can't get my wife her debit card. They sent two that was never received and finally got it to us on the third try but now we have to wait for a pin to come in the mail which is I guess impossible for them to do. We have been waiting 2 weeks now and they keep telling us it's been sent just a few more business days. This bank is the most unorganized bank I've ever dealt with. I hope I don't have this kind of trouble cancelling. Read more

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Lets say I had been familiar with CITI for many yrs. There glory days came to an end when John Ried made some bone headed mistake of selling the company to Sandy W. It had been steady decline since then. This POS needs to be split into several small companies. They cover-up inefficiency under the disguise of regulation. several thousands of jobs are exported over the years contributing to current economy. Did I mention their customer service really sucks.. Regardless of which party is in power Citi bribes all to keep their deceptive games... Read more

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My husband and I have been account holders at Citibank for 30 years. With plenty of money in our checking account, I attempted to use my debit card at the grocery store, where the card was declined. I had to use my Amex to pay for my groceries, and chalked the event up to a glitch in the store's card reader. Next stop was the gas station, where my card was again declined. My husband called Citibank and was told that since I never activated the new card they sent me (which never came), they deactivated the card I was currently using,... Read more

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Customer service has definitely declined over the past 10 years. In just 2 months, my in bank and telephone encounters with Citibank has been wayyyy below subpar for a bank I kept for 10 years due to customer service. Add comment

BE AWARE OF CITI CARD’S FALSE ADVERTISING AND HORRIBLE ATTITUDE: For over two years they kept sending me pre-selected or pre-approved credit card offers (simplicity and diamond credit cards( with 18 months 0 interest. The offers include what my interest will be after this period. I called them one week after the last offer was expired. The customer rep TOLD ME SHE COULD RE-ACTIVATE MY OFFER. SHE ALSO SAID I CAN GO TO CITI CARDS WEBSITE AND SUBMIT AN APPLICATION THERE TOO. and the offer on their website was even better with 21 months 0... Read more

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Worst company to do business with.... They will kick you when you're down. Lost my job after 14yrs, paid citibank the full balance of what was owed over 6 mo. Tried to make payment arrangements for the first two months, 1/2 on the due date and the remaining in two weeks.. They said NO. Never had been late, never had a 30 day even with loss of job. Every time I made a large payment to get bill down and help my credit score, they would lower my credit limit to the balance. Of course this ruins credit again..AND raised my interest rate! .. I... Read more

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Why should I leave citibank?. After over twenty years, chase bank made me an offer. It seems if im directly deposited a check, they will give me 500.00 including a free checking account. . Before i went to chase bank i stopped at a citi branch to see if citi would offer me something equivalent. Dont ever think that banks are not nice to its clients..... there even worse, mean and dispicablemore story..if you're interested. . Steven Spielberger . Read more

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My wife and I live overseas for the last 5 years and have used Citibank for 3 years now. My wife's debit card was blocked by Citibank and they have refused unlock the card even after we gave them all the information they were requesting. I spent 3 hours on the phone trying to unlock my account to no prevail. What a joke. In the end they refer us to the local branch here in Indonesia. They people that work there are complete idiots. Read more

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I have many cards with Citibank and have been a customer since 2000, Always kept cards clean. Now the one time their site as issues and I am 2 days late when I usually have a credit on my account and they cant do anything. Considering i did not even receive my Statement in the mail. This is just very disappointing as most cards I have are with them. Will be closing all personal and Business Cards. Hope you are happy Citi Bank you lost a life long customer with multiple accounts. Read more

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This is with a citi AMEX card, customer service said, when we make payments on the balances. Payments will be accounted for the monthly minimum first and the rest of the payments to the higher APR purchases. They confirmed this on the call as well, but when I got the monthly statement, it exactly turned to be the opposite. When I called the customer service team, asking for an explanation, they said, they cannot do anything, and asked me to keep paying the interest. I was totally pissed off as this was their fault completely, but they said,... Read more

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