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  • Citibank
  • 1 day ago
  • #856109

So I received an email from citibank offering a special . ..deposit 10k or more in a savings account without touching the money for 90 days and you will receive 50 I called to inquire and citibank told me oh this promotion is only for gold members . miss representation... Add comment

Who it may concern I am waiting regarding to you say I am writing about problem star may 20 I made a payment to your bank thorow phone like was espcting to flare the many draft of my account I dint see happen now olny that but I get email let me know the there couldn't processing right of way I call the 1800 number I was so disappointed I call 5 time and I was transfer about 4 nobody see to know I was calling for and hopefully to who ever am... Read more

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Worst service i have ever received. Requested a new card due to fraud on my account and even had it expedited 3x. Inconviently, no one has answers but they can keep me on hold for hrs. As a govt employee in which CITI Bank holds this acct you would think they would be more willing to help but no answers no card no anything. I dont get it. How hard is it to send a card out and provide tracking. I will nvr personally ban with citi and im glad im... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Citibank
  • May 24
  • #853640

Citibank is one of the worst banks I know. Their customer service is terrible they don't care. I asked for any suggestions in lowering my interest rate no they don't have any ideas. Other banks tell you when to pay to help your interest rates they offer nothing. Add comment

The worst bank ever ! Potential customers be aware they will cut off your card due to fraud alert which happens very often. You get no warning you'll just be out using your card and you're left with the decline notification from the merchant. Later you will get a call saying they cut off your card because your card was on the compromise list but when there's a true fraud on your account nobody bothers to call. I had a true fraud from... Read more

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I have been a Citibank Diamond Preferred Customer for 3 years. I have never even been late with a payment. Apparently when making my payment on your automated system, according to your rep, I believe Ricky, I put a number on wrong. Even though I rec'vd a confirmation it Returned my payment. I requested that because in 3 years I felt I had earned the benefit of the doubt I wanted to make an immediate payment and have the fee waived. Ricky tried... Read more

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Citi website sucks in contact us capabilities. There is no way user can submit anonymous feedback or submit a request online if they don't have a account. giving Facebook, twitter for communication channel doesnt make you (citi) epitome of customer service. Not all wants to communicate over social media to complaint, give feedback etc. These days all websites have opinion type feedback on each page that users can use to rate the page, give... Read more

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I had the exact same experience today when I applied for the Citi Bank 21 month, no interest card. I also received unsolicited "invitations" to apply for years. With a FICO in the low 800's, I decided to apply to transfer another card balance of approximately $3,000 to take advantage of the zero interest rate. I have two existing credit cards totaling available credit of nearly $30,000. I have no mortgage or car payment. However, I'm retired... Read more

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I am angry with for two primary reasons: 1) Once you sign up you will never be able to get an introductory offer. The give away 40k to 100k points but they take their long time customers for granted. I had the card for over 10 years but they simply don't care about your loyalty because they have none for you. 2) A C/S manager promised me double miles for 1 year because of my complaints about their giveaways to get new customers. It started and... Read more

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I was required to transfer my US Air card to the AAdvantage card as a result of American Airlines acquisition of US Air. I had a Citi card years ago and canceled it due to poor communication and silly add on fees, but now I am involved with the CitiDevils again. Within the first month they canceled the initial card and issued another (poor computer safeguards on their part). I then never received an invoice. I knew there was a due date... Read more

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